About us

  • We are a Special Needs Centre based in Somerset West and specialise in helping children with developmental delays. We offer a unique ABA grounded programme delivering dedicated one to one therapy as encapsulated in the ASAP programme.
  • ASAP prides itself in developing exclusive, comprehensive Individualised Education Developmental Programmes (IEDP) catering to the child’s specific needs
  • ASAP commits to regular assessments followed by detailed feedback and close collaboration with the parents.

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What we offer

ASAP focuses on integrating numerous intervention approaches that address the relevant challenges of a specific child, and tailor their use to optimize the therapy efficiency.  Specific methodological treatment approaches are then paired with the very specific needs of the child after which an individualized and tailored program is compiled.

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Our Approach

ASAP is an intimate community of therapists and families, characterized by exclusivity. Our children are each provided a private, personalised therapy room.  Availability is thus limited to ensure quality lessons and engagement. 

Children are always supported by one-to-one interaction with their therapist, even in group or social settings, thus focusing on every need the child may have in all settings and situations.

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