Linda Herbert

Linda Herbert holds a BA, B. Hons, and Masters degree in Education, as well as two teaching diplomas; HED, HED Pre-primary. Autism and all its facets captivated Linda twenty-two years ago when she took up a teaching position at Vera School for Learners with Autism ( She was soon appointed as a senior teacher.  It soon became apparent to her that there was not a single ABA-based one-to-one programme in South Africa or Africa teaching children with Autism Spectrum Disorder in the way that proved best meet their needs. An urge to apply effective interventions drove her to acquire in-depth knowledge and understanding of the current available approaches and techniques. Apart from devouring the written matter on the subject, she attended many conferences and workshops on Autism. The unique challenges posed to her by each individual child became the driving force behind her calling to address all the aspects of this enigmatic pervasive disorder 

The ASAP(Autism Spectrum Adaptive Programme) then called Em-Li programme (from Emily Selkirk, her very first child) was born in 1995. She thus became the first educator in South Africa to develop a one-to-one individualized educational programme for learners with developmental delays of which autism is one. The programme immediately yielded results and since there has been no stop to the success. During 2002 Nina Martins together with Linda spearheaded the first Centre for Autism in Nigeria. Linda and Nina are reputed as “the light at the end of the tunnel for Autism” in West Africa. They are the pioneers of individualized programming for children with ASD and related disabilities in Nigeria. By 2006 Linda has established two more centres in Lagos and one in Abuja. Handing over her skills and knowledge is paramount to her and she undertakes regular visits to Nigeria to train parents, teachers and therapists. She has presented many workshops and seminars in South Africa and beyond its borders. She did a poster presentation at the 2nd WORLD AUTISM CONGRESS in Cape Town. 

Linda and her team are driven to achieve this as soon as possible for each child and each affected family. She is open minded and displays a willingness to investigate the merit of each new or different possible method of intervention that could become a contributing factor to speed up the development process. Her wide educational background of more than 30 years stands her in good stead as she discerns the various practices.

Linda handpicks the therapists and educators in her team as to their unique skills, talents and passions. The synergy thus obtained supports and enhances her endeavours to fulfil her calling. 

Her motto "If You Expect Results, You Get Results" have proved to be realised every day in so many different ways.


Founder: Linda Herbert

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